Monday, 23 April 2012

Ladies are in Distress, Where re the Good Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They now say  “Ladies no longer want love and romance. All they want are material things. Money! Money!! Money!!! what the do you guys want? 

Make it easier for the ladies and break it down......yea!!!! we kinda know they want the good girl, that can cook, clean, respectful, knows how to treat her man...BLAH BLAH BLAH ....and yet!!!!!! are you saying there are none of those girls out there any more?? or what do you do with them when u have them.....

Ofcourse they become the object of play and discussion amongst you guys...before you know it she out then the next one comes ....THE WORSE ONE.
i read this somewhere:read below

"The other day, I took one babe out for a nice time. Immediately we got on the bed, she said she wanted to rent an accommodation and needed N500,000. My eager manhood suddenly dropped. It fell asleep! Just look at me, where would I get such an amount? And that was the first time we would be going to bed together" they titled it "where re the good girls"

why not? that was the first time and you took her to a room, for a nice time .A ROOM..... of which after that day, that might be the end to that "nice time" what did you expect her to say?....**Thumbs up girl***

A woman doesn't need  a guy who cant take care of her, " TAKING CARE OF"
doesn't ball down majorly to "material things" of which that is included, but there's more to the needs of a woman than you guys see.....

What does a woman want? this question has kept men on the alert for, as they have alwayz tried to find a ket to their women's hearts, thouggh, even a woman doesnt know a complete answer to this question, yes women are complicated creatures in contrast to men who seem to be more passive and simple.

you need to understand the needs of a woman...break down her complexity, make her feel safe with you, do not take advantage of her self securitiy entrusted in your hands....then you can break the walls and guards of any woman....

Major needs of a woman are SECURITY AND TRUST
then a woman needs you to be succesful, you can worth $700mil -  if you have no goals, no project, if you arenot accomplishing anything new, you, my guy you are not yet succesful, your woman will not get tired of spending your money but she will get tired of you

Ofcourse its not al about you money, yet WISDOM is needed.....
treat your woman right and you will have no need to ever not make her feel like she's sitted on needles all the time...WARM UP TO YOU WOMAN.

MEN: Take responsibility,Show leadership,Make decisions,Be strong,Be manly!!!!!

A tip for women
Most men want acknowledgment and appreciation from women. Learning to acknowledge instead of making your partner wrong is one of the most powerful relationship survival tools available to you.

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