Friday, 13 April 2012

5 Keys To A Successful Relationship


Having a successful relationship takes work from both partners. Great relationships don’t always come easy. If you find the right partner, that’s half the battle. But, no matter how long you’re with that person, you have to continuously work on your relationship and try to find ways you can improve it. The following are 5 keys to a successful relationship.

  1. Communication- I can’t stress the importance of communication enough. If you aren’t able to open up and talk about things, than you don’t have a solid relationship. When people have things on their mind and let them go without discussing it, it usually manifests itself elsewhere.

    For example if something your partner said hurt your feelings and you don’t talk about it, you might find yourself getting annoyed at everything they do. You may start nitpicking at them. In reality it’s not those little things bothering you but what they said that hurt your feelings.

    Without communication, many of us hold a grudge. Holding a grudge is definitely not productive for a relationship. One important rule about communications is to talk in a respectful manner. Just spewing out whatever is on your mind in any tone of voice is not communication. Talking is great but if you don’t do it with respect, it’s pointless. Also remember to not only talk about things but to be a good listener too.
  2. Honesty- Being honest and not lying is crucial to a good relationship. Even “white lies” are not healthy for a good relationship.
  3. Trust-If you can’t trust your partner, than there’s a problem. You know you’re in a good relationship when you don’t worry about your partner cheating on you. Those thought aren’t on your mind at all. You never worry when your partner is working late. If you find that you’re becoming suspicious of your partner, than that’s not a good sign.
  4. Respect- A healthy relationship has a key element of mutual respect for one another. Its okay to disagree but you must respect each others opinions and differences.
  5. Dependability- It is important to have dependability in a relationship. Having a partner that is dependable and reliable will give you a great sense of security within the relationship.  When times are tough and you hit rocky patches in your life it is important to know that somebody will be there for you.
i alwaz like to say that. COMMUNICATION,COMPATIBILITY AND CHEMISTRY are my 3C's to a powerful relationship...


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