Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Beauty In Her


You should watch with the entirety of your consciousness, see her walk, she does so with a style not exactly considered usual. Yes, it’s unusual! It’s not cat walking: Only if you didn’t forget cat is not the only animal in the world. In fact, I’d never have it at home. If you watched her carefully walk, she does, oh she does with elegance, a fascinating sophistry she walks in majestic light, waddling so elaborately that every eye that sees must behold and all tongues be told.
Hmm, dressed… she dresses resplendently, fitting every part into what is houte couture. She is an awesome wonder. She is pleasurable, honeyfied, affable and tender… who is she?

She is not one of the hopelessly insecure and incurably unhappy anorexic lasses who only want to fit into the world’s clime of Miss World, she is a madam in her own world. They have tried to put her in an enclosure of unacceptability but a pearl can only be hidden only for a short time. She is out on her exploits. You may not call her sexy, who wants sexy? I always say, don’t give me sexy, give me sensual! No matter It is, she is sensuous succulent.

More flesh, better feel, No wriggling. She is plump like a roast, thicker than most! A gentlemen sees the beauty that lies within. in those plump, is a plum — a round juicy fruit which has a hard and scintillating part in the middle. The smell of this fruit tantalizes the most alert sensory nerves.
Plus is more, the gifted know this, the woman endowed is a queen who knows how to look and feel confident about her state of presence. Being a woman is not to be born slim or skinny or recklessly huge but it does more good to have it than to seek and not find. In the mind of every woman beyond sexuality craving is to have it all. the plus size woman has it plus, for everything a skinny has, she has it double. That’s why they are called plus size. 

Be you all devoutly thankful for the proportioned carriage given you by nature as I am delightfully grateful there are women of enormous bosom and enchanting appeal. The confident plus size woman is an indescribable specimen of earthly beauty and heavenly riches in glory.  I don’t know who to adore else my woman and she is FAT: Fabulously Adorable and Tender!
Oh she waddles, she moves from side to side, not like a cat, not like an elephant but for what she is, a beautiful woman, with well accentuated hips streamlined to a curvaceous pattern of extreme gorgeousness. 

Again she waddles, only if she knew how many other women who wished they were sensuously divine like her. She is beautiful because she is plus size and she is plus size because she is beautiful!

Be ye all dignified Soul Sisters!


Stephanie Oduenyi said...

Nice one....Plus size all the way....If you have it??? then you should Flaunt it.....Braaaaa

Macaulay Maduwuba said...

Am not going for the flaunt it method. I always would say, a good carriage makes a better sense. Carry it well and I be more dignified and honored to meet you. I just want to see it real when others guess what it might look or be like! Peace!!!!