Monday, 25 June 2012

Are you Big Bold and Beautiful? Be Inspired

its still me again....with my pictures, still passing the same message across .....
ok, I don't have much to blog about today....but to still keep inspiring the plus sized out there
your beauty lies on the inside, do not feel intimidated about you size, instead you should rock, that body of yours...... be happy, be beautiful, be healthy......
I rep BIG BOLD and BEAUTIFUL........

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


The Miss Big and Beautiful beauty pageant held on Sunday, April 1, 2012,and was awarded a car and cash prizes to the winners of the 5th edition of the pageant. The prizes were given to the winner, Chibuogwu Adaobi Promise from Anambra State, a pharmacist and a graduate of Madona University. Others are the 1st and 2nd runners-up, Lovina C.Nwankwo and Tracy Edwin, respectively. The event will take place at Marble Field Hotel and Event Centre, 35 Seinde Carlisto Crescent, off Oshodi Apapa Expressway, Oshodi, Lagos.

According to the CEO, Miss Big and Beautiful Beauty Pageant, Ambassador Austin Godswill Enehizena, a creative mind is a terrible thing to waste whether one is fat or not. “ Over the years, we have been made to accept the fact that you have to be slim to be crowned a beauty queen, but the question is, what will happen to those who aspire to enjoy this opportunity but are plus size? Ge-Swill Global Investment Ltd the Sole Custodian of The Big and Beautiful Pageant Show Project has been able to make a statement that you can also be big and be crowned a queen.

That is why we came together to create the Big and Beautiful Pageant show, which is a yearly event that helps plus size ladies to showcase and achieve their dreams irrespective of age or tribe. Due to research made, we realized that most plus size ladies lack confidence, feel inferior and do not appreciate their robust nature, which is the true representation of a beautiful African woman. Basically, the pageant show stands to orientate the plus size to be proud of who they are.”

Speaking on the process of selecting the contestants, Ambassador Enehizena said that the zoning process gives room for the enhancement of cross ethnic interactions, bonding diverse cultures in Nigeria. “A creative mind is a terrible thing to waste whether you are orobo or not. this was what I saw that made me create this pageant. We also have judges of integrity who determine the winner by their performances. We hope to make The Big and Beautiful event a TV reality show some day and we hope for sponsors too.”
                 Miss Big and Beautiful with Nollywood Actress Maureen Solomon

Plus Sized and yet Stylish to the Core

Imagine been the stylish, charismatic lady whom everybody admirers at your next social event!!!! "own it" with your confidence.

Adaora Ukok(Nolloywood Actress)
Imagine having men Gravitate towards you because they find you charming and irresistible!!
Imagine knowing exactly what to wear to flatter your shape and to be a stunner at every type of event.
Adaobi Chibuogwu (Miss BIG 'N' BEAUTIFUL 2011)
Imagine been totally self confident, no self doubts and no self critism.
Have you ever thought of what makes others so stylish have you thought of the extra time they put into their dressing? just to look good?

Well, You can dress some people in a beautiful outfit and they still act like a Dolt , yet other people walk in to a room, dressed in a T- shirt and a pair of shorts and they "own" the room

They move, act and behave beautifully and are admired by everyone.People gravitate toward them, they are quietly self confident and utterly charming.

True stylish people have Mastered 3 core elements which make up overall style

Physical is the overall look, the 1st Impression we make.

Mental is knowing what to do or say with grace and style in any situation.

Emotional is our self confidence and inner peace, how we feel about ourselves.
Each one of these elements are integral to our overal style,
if one of this element is out of balance, then our total personal style is affected.
thats why some people exude style no matter what occasion or what they are wearing and others just don't cut it

Fashion as a Plus sized gives you more edge..if your fashion sense is tight, when ever you make a move it must be noticed, so why give anyone a reason to look down on what great style can come from you,

Be confident with who you are first, then with what you wear too,
Dress to flatter your body shape
Buy colours which really suits you
Choose the right Accesories
Be gracious, well mannered and charming
Get professional Advice

Take a plunge and become a confident and stylish Plus Sized Diva today.

I decided to use my pictures to also pass this message across...Thanks 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gloria Ibru set to release first music album

After 25 years of performing on stage with her band, Ms Gloria Ibru, one of the daughters of late billionaire Olorogun Michael Ibru, is set to release her first music album. According to Gloria, the album will be a mixed grill of everything she does on stage; high life, jazz and gospel. The album will be out before the end of the year.

thumbs up girl.......

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