Friday, 20 April 2012

I’VE had Sex with my Next Door Neighbour, My Wife found out and now my Family life is in Ruin

Steph's Heart Talk::

I’VE had sex with my next door neighbour, my wife found out and now my family  life is in ruins.
I’m 45 and my wife is 41. We have daughters aged 21 and 19.
My neighbour is 38 and single. She is a full-time primary school teacher and  cares for her elderly mother. She’s gorgeous and I could never understand  why she’d not been snapped up.
She called me a few weeks ago to say that her mother had fallen out of her  chair and asked me to go round to help her.
I was there in a flash and together we lifted her mum back up and she seemed  OK. My neighbour got her mum into bed for a nap and was then so grateful and  teary I made us a cuppa.
We sat at the table and she poured her heart out – saying she’d never been  able to go out on dates because of her mother and how lonely she felt. I  wiped her tears away and hugged her, and she turned my face towards her and  kissed me.
I felt so turned on. She asked me to have sex with her so we did it there and  then, in the kitchen while her mother was asleep upstairs.
I felt like a teenager again, and she texted me the next day and came over to  my house as I’d finished work early. We were just having a cuddle when my  wife walked through the door and caught us.
She was rooted to the spot, not being able to believe what she’d seen. My  neighbour ran home and my wife was so upset she told my girls as soon as  they came in from work.
I feel like such an idiot. Our marriage is in tatters. What can I do?
Your neighbour is a needy woman and caught you off-guard, but you can’t expect  your wife just to forgive and forget. It is going to take actions not just  words to prove you are sorry and deserve a second chance.
Tell your wife it was a moment of utter weakness. You’ll have to beg her to  forgive you and tell your girls how sorry you are too – they’re old enough  to understand.
Look at how you can strengthen your marriage. Spoil your wife, look for  opportunities to help more at home and have fun outside. I bet you’ll  realise you’ve been taking your relationship and family life for granted but  it can be better than ever after this crisis.
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