Thursday, 19 April 2012

How Wise Are You?? Frankly Speaking!!!!!!

Steph's Heart Talk:

How Could i not tell this story?? It then brings me to ask HOW WISE ARE WE LADIES??
it beats me how much we don't know our worth....

On a certain day chioma came out of her house to fix her shoes, but the cobbler wasn't around, then she heard some1 crying and she wondered why a full grown girl will be crying so loud and wouldn't even care that she was constituting a nuisance and every1 was already looking at her in weird manners.

Chioma decided to get into her house, but she couldn't, because she felt she needed to help the girl crying, she though it would be money or food issues that she could easily solve for the girl., this girl would be in her late 20's. so chioma went closer and asked her what the problem was, she didn't answer, after the 3rd time she didn't answer chioma decided to go home, then the girl answered her " YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND"

Chioma told her that she was willing to wait and understand, so the girl began her story.

well i don't no where to start, i have been foolish, i have just been dumped by my boyfriend that i have done almost everything for, i used my school fees to rent a house for us though he added a little money from his savings sha, then i used to go there often to stay and cook for him, i stopped going to school for a while, i only go home, collect money and go over to his place, my parents got tired to scolding me and gave up, they were very angry at me that they even stopped talking to me, she kept crying.

he even left me one time, i kept begging but he said it was over, little did i know he was seeing my friend...upon everything i have done for him, she cried even more chioma kept consoling her because she wanted to hear it all, after he left me, i went back to school, then 3months later he came back begging me that he was sorry, i really love him, so i went back to his house with him, sister do u know that i have even aborted 4times for this guy, 

 chioma was like are you serious?? and the 4th time i went with him to abort and the doctor told us that if i aborted again i would loose my life.she cried even harder, shook her head and said, infact sister don't worry , let me not disturb you with my shame. chioma told her not to worry, at this time chioma was already squatting beside her. she continued and said after " after i went back to his house he changed, he started taking care of me and i was happy then 2 months later i was sick and i had to go to the hospital, sister that's the worst news, because the doctor said i am pregnant.......

i cried and went home i waited for him to come back , when he came i told him what the doctor said, he told me that i was useless, that after what the doctor said before i still had mind to get pregnant, he rained insults on me and asked me out of his house, aunty he pushed me out and threw my things away saying, you want to die in my house abi?? that's how i found my self here oooooo, i don't know what to do, i am so confused, i feel like a fool, where will i go from here, i want to go back to school but how will i?? i have offended my parents so well. i have lost everything. if i abort again the doctors said i will die.....hmmmm....thats the whole story ooo chioma advised her the best way she knew how, to first reconcile with her parents.

Now my dear readers what do you think of this girl? and her chioce in life
My fellow girls how long are we going to be used before we understand that the world is wicked.
Well all i will say is no matter what it is in life, always protect your dignity..


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