Thursday, 19 April 2012

FASHION : Casual Fashion Must Have for ladies

Fashion literally means style of the clothes that we wear. Fashion can be considered as an invention of modern age. Value and importance of fashion is increasing day by day. The word Fashion came into existence from very old days. Fashion affects each and everyone in one way or the other. For people to have a good impression on you mainly depends on how you dress up yourself. People who get dressed up well with the new fashion will be noticed by everyone.

If you think fat and beautiful do not go well with each other, think again. To be beautiful, you need not be size zero. Sadly, this fact is even ignored by many plus size women who dread their curvaceous figure and plunge themselves in gloom and self-pity. The truth is that plus-size women have all the right curves and a beautiful voluptuous body. It’s very easy for them to look sexy and gorgeous with a little fashion and the right makeup techniques. In fact, with lots of smile and the perfect makeup, they can easily look stunning and lovely. In the following lines, we have given some of the best makeup tips for plus size women, which will enhance their beauty and help them look gorgeous.

If girls dress up when they go out, why shouldnt guys. Is not about looking "cool" more about looking classy. Its nice to have some sort of fashion sense but it has to match your personality as a whole.

Long Chain Bags:



Ladies Briefcase Handbags:



Slim Belts:


Earings, Bangles, Rings:

Slim Head Scarfs: 

Make Ups:

so much More i will Continue to put up more....
if you feel i have omitted any FASHION MUST HAVE TO LADIES, lemme no ASAP..


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