Thursday, 12 April 2012

7 Habits Of Sexy Females

1. Dress to impress
The saying "Less is more" couldn't be truer! There's a thin line between sexy and trashy, baring it all leaves nothing to the imagination, you must come to terms with the fact that clothes don't make you sexy (well they help a LOT but they only accentuate what you've got). I use a simple trick to ensure I don't cross the line, it goes like this: when I wear open-shouldered dresses or attires without sleeves I make sure I don't expose my legs and the reverse is the case when I wear something short, I don't bare my shoulders and arms, that way I'm always sure not to overdo it. Besides when a lady dons an outfit that's too revealing there is tendency to spend the entire evening adjusting this or that, the right outfit keeps you comfortable and helps you enjoy your time out.
2. Be feminine
Men are attracted to you mainly because you're a WOMAN, acting like one of the guys will not make a man find you sexy. So indulge . . . do the things that make you feel like a woman, go to the spa, pamper yourself, pay attention to your hair and get your nails done! A super-sexy female pays attention to details.
3. Sexy Underwear
Personally wearing sexy underwear makes me feel sexy. No one has to see it but it keeps me feeling hot and sassy all day long and you know what they say, you project to the outside what you're feeling on the inside! So if you feel'll project sexiness QED!
Besides my Momma once told me "Always wear fantastic underwear in case you get into a fight and your clothes get ripped off"...ROFL! Granted . . . that's a bit extreme but you get the point.
4. Confidence
A sassy female is always sexy; nothing beats a woman that's comfortable in her own skin not looking for affirmation from anyone but knows what she's worth. I carry out a little exercise every morning, I look in the mirror and tell myself: I'm a confident, strong, sexy woman and I deserve the best life has to offer. Confidence is sexy!
If you are a shy person, talk yourself out of it. People are usually confident when they know what they're doing, so the moral of the story is seek to learn more, the more you know about whatever it is you do, the more confident you'll become. The more confident you are, the sexier you'll appear.
5. Talk the Talk
Once again there's a thin line between talking flirtatious and trash talk. I remember a story a friend told me about a girl he liked that called him up and said, "I want to come over" and he thought "hell yeah", then she went on to say "when I come we'll "put" right?” He said "what?!".. She said "put" you know "sex!”
That was an instant turn off. Ladies, we get turned off when a guy we like speaks to us in a crass manner especially regarding sex, despite how permissive society has become guys are usually not that different. Besides even if he were to take her up on her offer, she'd forever be a skank in his eyes. Watch what you say. If you have to be suggestive be elegantly so, body language may suffice.
Secondly, when speaking, be sure not to speak or laugh too loudly. Don't open your mouth to wide when talking and please NEVER talk when eating; nothing you need to say is that urgent.
6. Walk the Walk
Flats are comfortable but face it ladies . . . heels are SEXY! They make you look elegant, heels take your outfit from "alright" to "HOT". The power of Heels is not to be taken lightly, they also help to make your walk sexier. In flats the tendency to walk "anyhow" is higher. When you wear heels, your steps are measured. Heels are an essential part of every sexy woman's wardrobe.
7. Smile
I saved the best for last…the sexy smile! Happiness is sexy, you'll never hear a guy say, "when I saw her looking so angry and frustrated, I knew she was the one for me!" Everyone wants to get to know the happy looking lady with the warm, welcoming smile... Remember to smile!
I'm out.

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