Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fashion Is Also For You MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the changing time, fashion is gaining more and more importance in the lives of men. Fashion has become as equal to men as much it is to women. Fashion today does not imply only to women. There are men fashion designers, fashion accessories for men, fashion shows for men’s clothes and special fashion stylist for men. In fact, now the fashion designers for men are increasing and they have earned huge name for their unique styles.

Casuals make men look smarter. Formal and business wear clothes can not be worn through out. Casual wear makes you very comfortable and helps you to be tension free. Have a quick look at the latest casual wear for men.

A man who can wear colour will definitely make an impression wherever he goes. Do not be afraid to change your style. Start by making small colour changes to your clothing preferences.
Changing of all this together will make you a handsome persona. Changing yourself with the latest fashion trends will make you a style icon or an ideal person to know about fashion.

One of the most important accessories for a man is a good fragrance. This could be in the form of a scent, after-shave, or cologne.

Men usually apply cologne in the morning before they leave for work, and let that be for the rest of the day. However, men too can reapply their cologne during the day. A slight dab of cologne in the afternoon leaves you feeling fresh until the end of the day. The renewed fragrance can also pep you up.

Whatever your choice, wearing cologne is a sign of a well-groomed man. It also indicates that you care about your appearance.

Trust me , your woman always wants you to look good all the time, yuo need to be trendy, Nowadays, fashion isnt all about the ladies, MEN/GUYS its also abt you, 

If a man doesn't learn how to dress well, he cripples himself almost as much as if he didn't learn how to read.
He hurts his interactions with women, he hurts his interactions with his employers, he hurts his interactions with his customers, and he even hurts his interactions with his family.

Women Willing To Give Up Sex For A Better-Dressed Guy, TRUST ME

So stop trying to come up with excuses for not dressing better. You’ll never come up with a valid one, just like you’ll never come up with a valid reason not to learn how to do any other number of things that can get you ahead in life. Learn to dress well to respect those who matter to you more. Learn to dress well to get a better job. Learn to dress well to be able to relax when you go on vacation.

. You need to understand the Best Colours that fits you,
.  You need to get the Haircut right all ways
.  You after Shave should be on point, not the types that leaves bumps.
.  The Right type of Fragrance is important
.  Leave the Colour Blocking for the Ladies, Always dress like a real Man...A Matured Man
.  When you Dress on Corporate, Remember your Belt and Shoes must always match
.  Neatness is Paramount

well dressed man


A man doesn’t need to stay on top of every passing trend; however he should thinking about his basic appearance every day.  Still not convinced it’s worth your time to dress sharp? Here are Seven reasons why you should give a damn.

1. Clothing Helps in creating a positive first impression.
That means that your clothing is going to have a direct effect on people’s default assumptions of you — the better you’re dressed, the more respect and attention they’re going to automatically give you.

2. Clothing can increase your perceived status among your peers
Even after the first impression is over your clothing can help improve people’s reactions to you.  Society is very visually-based, and better-dressed men routinely experience better treatment and service than their sloppier counterparts.Your appearance may not mean much to you, but it does to the people who see you every day, making it worth caring about.

3. Dressing sharp helps with your confidence
“Get Your Personal Appearance Under Control!”  It’s good advice. A few minutes spent spiffing yourself in the mirror before you leave home reinforces the idea that you deserve success and good treatment in your own mind.

4. Dressing Well Makes you Have an Increased sense of Responsibility
As silly as it sounds, caring for your appearance will make you a more responsible man.  You wind up keeping track of details like which shoes need to be shined and which shirts need to be ironed and all.

5.  A good dressers notices same detail in others
Once you start paying attention to details of collar shape, pocket square selection, and all the other little details of dressing well, you start to notice them on other men.  And those men are noticing them on you too 

6.  Colors and patterns speak for you
Once you start to learn more about them, specific colors and patterns begin to display their own unique learn better what to wear to what occasion and also what suits your personality.
7.  Good looking men call the shots
When all’s said and done, the best reason to take time with your clothing and appearance is to take charge of your life.  Well-dressed men have already taken the way the world sees them into their own hands, and the added respectability and authority people afford them allows them to call the shots in group situations as well.  Giving a damn about your appearance is a way of caring how much control you have over your own life — not just over what color of tie to wear this morning.

I know i can talk all i want about fashion, but most men still won’t give a damn.

That’s partly because there’s a lot of silly, useless information out there that confuses and as a society we’ve tried to push the mantra – it matters how you perform, not how you look.And yes, in a perfect world that would be great; but we don’t live in a perfect world.How you are perceived by others before you open your mouth depends mostly on the physical signals you send with your appearance.

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