Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Makani Couture...............Your Plus Size Fashion Line

We've grown accustomed to seeing super-skinny models on the runways, Makani Couture will bring a change and also give room for the Plus sized Models to walk the Runway showcasing different contemporary designs.

Makani Couture is a Fashion Line which specifically Caters for the Plus sized.

Makani Couture is aimed at bringing back African culture through fashion and designing clothes that would set an example of respect for size diversity.

My design is as African as it can be, where i will be using different African Prints to create different contemporary styles. I will be using Beads, Sequence, stones and Colorful Buttons to design my Clothes.

Makani couture isnt just about clothing, it will also make shoes, bags, necklaces all made with Ankara fabrics, bringing out the uniqueness in our African Fabrics.

I am looking at a fashion line that will one day be in partnership with other Reputable organisations to take the Miss Big and Beautiful Pageant to an international Level. Am bringing out African designs that will flatter the curves of a plus sized, Boost their Confidence level and make them Outstanding on any occasion they attend.

The fashion industry's reluctance to design for the averagely "fat" woman and that has left many women with few options when it comes to stylish clothing; chain stores and online retailers provide some relief, but the frustration that many women feel when trying to find plus-sized clothing is only growing as the averagely "fat" woman finds herself surrounded by piles of fairly terrible clothing.

I look forward to hosting A fashion show which throws more highlights to the Plus sized in the society, A Fashion show which will have the Plus sized showcasing My Designs.

Look through some of the designs from Makani Couture for now..........


More will be bought to you as time goes on, as Makani is still relatively new
Makani Looks to bring to you a look book which will have an exclusive photoshoot of Plus Size Models all dressed in Makani Couture.

For Contact Enquiry
Email: MakaniCouture@yahoo.com
Phone Contact: 08127809416
Website: www.fashrel.blogspot.com
BB Pin: 296879B4

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