Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nigerian Blog Awards: Please Nominate My Two Blogs Its Simply Stephanie Blog and Fashrel Blog

So the Nigerian Blog Awards 2012,  is here again .Nominations are on, I need to win atleast one category or i'll cry ooo (lol just kidding).

Kindly nominate Its Simply Stephanie Blog as the BEST NEW BLOG /BEST ENTERTAINMENT BLOG/BEST DESIGNED BLOG. You are free to nominate me in which ever category you deem fit.But since I started blogging in September 2011, I am very eligible for the Best New Blog category AND Best Designed Blog or is my blog not designed in a tasteful way? **wink **wink**

You can see all the other Categories, you are free to nominate me in any of those categories you feel i could fit into,

Lets also do the same for FASHREL BLOG
Kindly nominate Fashrel Blog as the BEST NEW BLOG /BEST CAUSE / BEST TOPICAL BLOG.

Fashrel Blog, You know its something different from all other blogs, its all about the Plus Sized, their way of life, their Health and Lifestyle, their Self Esteem, Plus Sized Fashion, its also about relationships. SO ITS DIFFERNT THAT'S WHY AM GUNNING FOR BEST CAUSE BLOG /BEST TOPICAL BLOG..............
We can do this, We can Win this, We can be Recognized, Please lets Nominate, Its absolutely Free....................

Enter you name and valid email address
Scroll down and see all the categories
Enter in category no 6, 7 and 14
Enter in category no 4 and 24

When you are done filling my blog address in as many categories as you wish,click submit button
An instant email would be sent to your email box.Click on the link to get you vote counted.

Please note that if you don't click on the link, your vote won't be counted, and it would be all wasted effort, Please lets do tthis.................

so let the Nominations begin, Keept votiing for stephanie and Fashrel Blogs, Nominations closes on the 23rd of Sept.

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